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The First Noel... Noel?

I was in the car this afternoon with The Kids, when "The First Noel" came on the radio.  I was singing along when this happened.

Middle Child: Mommy,  What does Noel mean?

Me: Noel?  It means Christmas.  It's French for Christmas.

Middle Child: OH!  I wondered what that meant.

Me: What did you think it meant?

Middle Child:  I thought it was Jesus's cousin or something.  I kept wondering who this Noel person was.

Me:  Wahhhahhahahahahahahahahahah!!!


"Feliz Navidad" came on right after that and I told her that was a song about his Spanish cousin.  LOL!  She told me she knew what "Feliz Naidad" meant and we had a good laugh about that..

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